Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Blessing From A Fellow Blogger

Well Good Morning Friends,

This morning as I was enjoying my second cup of coffee and reviewing my Facebook page I saw a picture that made me stop mid sip. It was a Facebook page header. I thought oh, how cool is that, someone has a header just like mine.....they must be a really great person. After all they say great minds think alike.....don't they?

So, being the curious person that I am, I clicked on the link and that took me to a blog that I just started following......and I do mean less than 24 hours earlier. Much to my surprise, the reason this person had the same header as me is because this blogger had written about my blog.....this WAS my header!

Now I never thought of myself as being a good writer, but as I sat and read what had been written about me, and by me, I began to see that, yes, I could write. If it's something I'm passionate about, I can write pretty well. And now I know people are reading what I post......not many people, but some is better than none.

Recipes are easy to post, you just take a few pictures, make a nice description and post the recipe. EZ PZ....... but to actually write about yourself.......that's a different story all together......I mean who wants to know about me and my life? I never thought of my life as interesting, I mean I'm an overweight (obese) 50 year old woman who is a stay at home wife with 4 dogs and 2 cats. I am on a "diet" that is actually a healthier lifestyle regime because a diet is too hard to stick to. And I'm planning a 2200 mile hike down the Appalachian Trail, a hike thru is what they call it. I need to get in shape to do this because I'm the one who instigated this and now have at least one other person who want to make the trek with me and she has already lost a lot of weight. I need to lose about 150 pounds total, but would like to have my weight down to at least 150 pounds by next June when we are planning to leave Mt. Katahdin in Maine and follow the trail south until we reach Springer Mountain in Georgia. I'll keep you updated on that in future posts......

Anyhow, Granny took portions of my blog and posted them onto her blog and commented about me and my life. She hit the nail on the head, her words described me to a T and that made me cry. Not sad tears mind you, but happy tears. She actually took the time to read my posts and my profile and made an assessment of who I was and what I loved. This gave me great hope and joy. It lets me know that I am someone, and that even though life gets tough sometimes, there is still good in the world......I always knew this but I tend to forget sometimes.

My hubby is in West Virginia with his dad who is dying. He's been there all week and it's been hard with just phone calls several times a day for updates. I'm not able to go because of all the critters that we have. All of our dogs are rescues and they don't like other nobody, and I really mean nobody, can take care of them. They will bite anyone who comes into their kennel except me or hubby. We wouldn't trade our dogs for anything, but it can create a problem with getting away sometimes. Anyhow, this is how my week has been. I want to see my father in law, but can't get away, I do talk to him on the phone though. Hubby has to come home today or tomorrow because he has to get back to work, he has no vacation time or PTO days left and no work means no paycheck, so he has to leave his father and come home. Maybe he can go see his dad again next weekend.....maybe, if the worst doesn't happen before then.

So the words of encouragement from Granny were, like I said, a blessing and she didn't even know how much her words meant to me. I want to thank her and didn't know how except to share her with you and share her love and kindness for someone who she never met, but I hope to meet her someday. I don't know how far she lives from the Appalachian Trail but I'm hoping to visit with her when I hike thru sometime next summer. Please take a few minutes and go visit Granny her at her blog.....just to let her know that someone really does care and is taking the time to read what she has taken the time to write. Plus I really think you'll enjoy her posts, I know I do.

Thank you Granny for such wonderful words of encouragement.

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